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cadrage panoramique :
establishing / panoramic shot
cadrage personnage:
full-length shot
cadrage américain:
medium shot
cadrage rapproché:
close shot
gros plan:
cadrage Sergio Leone:
extreme close-up

1. The panoramic view, or establishing shot, places the character in his/her environment.

2. The full-length shot focuses on the character, and especially her body language, which tells us a lot here about her uneasiness.

3. The medium shot is how we usually see people when talking to them. So we have the illusion of being there, of communicating with the character.

4. The close shot allows the viewer to see the complexity of the character's feelings. Here, the contrast between the casual waving of the hand and the very sad expression on the face.

5. Both 5 and 6 frames are extremely intimate. We really share the character's feelings, identifying with her. We might probably see her eyes filled with tears.

Other useful expressions:

arrêt sur image freeze-frame
champ shot
contre-champ reverse shot
contre-plongée upward / low-angle shot / tilt
fondu-enchaîné dissolve
plan shot / framing
plan long long take
plongée downward / high-angle shot /dip
retour arrière reverse
séquence sequence
travelling trucking / tracking
voix off voice over
zoom AV, AR zooming in / out