2012-designed http://jaci.fr
2007-2013-design & maintain http://mairie.smdlc.free.fr
2003-2013-design and maintain http://languagelearningresourcecenter.org
2012-Translated Research Dossier for Sociology Pr Alain Blanc
2012-Translated book by Pr Anne Coste, Ecole d'Architecture de Grenoble
2006-2008 Translation jobs for Université Pierre Mendes France:
History Professor Lamboley,
Vice-President for Research Theophile Ohlmann,
Sociology Professors Alain & Catherine Pessin.
2009-2013-design & maintain Art & Sketches by Moro
freelance webmaster, translator, teacher-trainer
language center
Université Pierre Mendès-France, Grenoble
2000-2010 teacher, webmaster
2004-2010 teacher, webmaster, teacher trainer
2006-2010 project manager, teacher, webmaster, teacher trainer
2008-2010 director, project manager, teacher, webmaster, teacher trainer
teacher trainer, webmaster
European Center for Modern Languages, Graz
teacher training missions for the ECML (Council of Europe training center for languages)
webdesigner, webmaster
designed & published as CD-ROM by the ECML: Web Literacy
Bernard MORO
(33) 476 723 538
agrégé anglais hors-classe
formateur européen Langues et Tice
didactique EAD
graphiste, webmestre
(33) 608 933 453
teacher-trainer ICT language learning
graphic artist, webmaster
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education
training mission to Bangkok Thailand - Part of 4-men team assigned as multimedia experts to give 3-week teacher training for SEAMES, South East Asia Ministries of Education Secretariat. Outcome was multimedia applications on various fields of education.
Ministry of Education
Member of Agrégation Interne jury (top French competition exam certification for teachers)
Lycée Xavier Marmier, Pontarlier, France
teacher, teacher trainer
Graz workshop on using collaborative platforms, September 2002
Essen workshop on collaborative platforms, March 2002
Moscow workshop on using the web in the language class, October 2001
called as expert to UNESCO colloquium, Moscou November 30, 2001
Graz II workshop on using the web in the language class, September 2001
Dec. 2012 - teacher training workshop, Plzen University, the Czech Republic
Dec. 2012
EMI teacher training mission for Plzen University, the Czech Republic
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